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Site Updates

Meet Alex

We are happy to announce the beta launch of Alex, our automated customer service agent. Alex uses Natural Language processing to understand what you are saying.

What Can Alex Do?

Currently Alex can provide basic website support, information about our job listing packages, and provide a list of our current job vacancies. We are still adding features and will add updates to this page.

Why Build Alex?

We are always looking to improve our services and provide extra features to our visitors. After reviewing our current service system, which was not very reliable, we started work on a smart chatbot that will provide 24/7 assistance.

Is Alex Perfect?

At first Alex will probably have some issues understanding differn't phrases but as we train Alex from the different conversations he has with people, the smarter he will become.

If you have any issues with Alex, please tell Alex that you need technical support and he will guide you through submitting a message.