Team Member

Warehouse Traders

Warehouse Traders Devonport is looking for a fun, energetic, animal loving casual to join our small but friendly team, based in Spreyton. Successful applicant will need to be available to work most weekends and shifts during the week, as per roster.
Duties Include but not limited to;
• Carrying Bags for Customers
• Upacking pallets of stock, including but not limited to 25kg bags of stock feed.
• Cleaning of animal enclosures, including; fish tanks, bird cages, and other animal enclosures
• Handling of animals, including but not limited to; fish, rabbits, guineapigs, birds, cats, dogs, rats and mice
• Helping the manager to open and close the shop, including; sweeping, bringing in display items, bringing in pallets, shutting up rooms and turning off and on lights.
• General shop tidy; scrubbing and dusting stock and shelves, maintaining clean furniture, sweeping, mopping and or vacuuming floors, cleaning water bowls and feeders, cleaning glass display cabinets and other general cleaning duties
• Stocking shelves, including; price checking, putting out new stock, restacking shelves and moving displays
• Customer service, answering phone calls and making phone calls where needed, correct cash handling and till operation, matching up invoices and other practises related to general retail business tasks.
Due to the nature of this business the successful applicant will need to be physically fit with a good work ethic and an attitude to learn. Ideally the applicant should have an interest in animals and some basic animal knowledge. We are looking for an applicant who is passionate about caring for animals and willing to learn about correct care of animals.
Warehouse Traders Devonport is a 7 day a week business that is so much more than just a pet shop. With an extensive list of stock, including; saddlery, furniture, stock food, pet accessories, fish and accessories, fencing and everything in between, we are looking for an individual who is driven to help continue to build this business and deliver the best customer service. As a family owned and operated business, it is important to have a staff member that is willing to work as a team and is committed to helping all customers and their needs.
To be considered for this position, please send a resume and cover letter to Please provide a minimum of 2 references with current details, and no more than one personal reference (Family friend ect.). For any questions, please enquire via email.

To apply for this job please visit